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Tax Planning

Helping Save Money Now, and In Retirement

Not only do we perform tax-loss harvesting every month for the client portfolios we manage, but we also take a long look at your future taxation, including what you might owe in retirement. Many people don’t realize or think about the fact that all the pre-tax money they’ve saved up in their 401(k) or traditional IRA will be subject to ordinary income taxes when the money is withdrawn—something that is mandatory starting at age 70. We help our clients with a written financial plan that goes all the way up to age 100, including tax mitigation every step of the way.

360 Wealth Management provides tax-loss harvesting on a monthly basis to help you mitigate taxation.


Estate Planning

Planning Your Legacy

Everyone without exception needs an estate plan. We work closely with our clients’ attorneys to help find the most tax-efficient strategies possible to leave a legacy to your chosen heirs, charities and beneficiaries. We’ll also encourage you to make ongoing updates to all of your beneficiaries on other accounts like your 401(k)s, insurance policies, etc. as your life changes through the years, because those beneficiary designations take precedence over your estate documents. Also very important are powers of attorney if you become incapacitated, and trusts which can bypass probate to make things easier for your family in their time of loss.

We Look Forward to Being
Your Lifetime Financial Advisor

At 360 Wealth Management, we are dedicated to the lifetime success of you and your loved ones, which includes being by your side during transitional moments in your life. No matter what changes come your way, we’ll work together to help you move forward with confidence.